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Judge finds Lawsuit against SingSnap and CEO Trevor McGuire “frivolous”

On August 25th, 2011 a lawsuit was filed against founder and CEO Trevor McGuire as well as three other members of the SingSnap website. This lawsuit filed in Pennsylvania Federal Court by Diane Patchen and her fiancé Robert Smik, alleged, among other things, a conspiracy to defame and copyright infringement. Eatsleepmusic Corporation, owner of SingSnap, was later added as a defendant.

Diane Patchen was banned from the SingSnap community in February of 2010 and soon after made numerous inaccurate posts around the web regarding Mr. McGuire and his business. Filing this lawsuit against him was, Mr. McGuire believes, the culmination of her vendetta. As soon as the lawsuit was filed, it was publicized on dozens of Internet complaint boards by anonymous posters.

McGuire and SingSnap immediately retained counsel to fight these ridiculous and baseless allegations.

On September 27th, 2012 the Judge William H. Yohn Jr. of the United States District Court DISMISSED all of the Plaintiff’s claims and Denied the motion for severance and transfer of the claims as “not in the interests of justice” because the claims were “frivolous”. The parties later resolved the litigation, including motions by McGuire and Eatsleepmusic Corporation seeking sanctions and their attorneys’ fees, to the satisfaction of all parties.

An Open Letter Regarding Those Who Spread Hatred Towards SingSnap

SingSnap is a social network for singers, built around a wonderful and diverse community held together by the love of music and singing. SingSnap has grown to be the leader in this space through innovative technology, a broad selection of music and a personal touch to it’s unparalleled customer service.

Unfortunately, SingSnap, some of it’s staff, members and it’s founder, Trevor McGuire have become the victim of a smear campaign by a small group of disgruntled ex-members who spread vicious lies, accusations and conduct personal attacks. They hide behind the protection of various open complaint boards and anonymous Internet identities.

Eatsleepmusic Corporation, the operator of SingSnap is an accredited business with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and maintains an impressive A+ Rating (the highest level). It’s founder Trevor McGuire is an accomplished and highly educated businessman with a 25 year track record of building and operating successful high technology companies.

In short these negative postings are untrue.

If you have a comment, complaint, criticism, require assistance or would like to know more about SingSnap in general, they never close and can always be reached via email through

Curious? Why not check the place out for yourself? You will be happy that you did!



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